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A place where you can feel love for food, culture and life.

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Passionate, friendly, dedicated, and in love with food. Established by Pablo Eposito back in 2013 and driven by the chef’s motivation to go the extra mile for his quest of knowledge and research about what lies beneath our seas. Trattoria Di Mare is indeed a Restaurant in the heart of Valletta, but should it give you the feeling of a library about seafood, fish, and Mediterranean cuisine you will not be the first. That said, talk to the man himself for any questions about our cuisine! 

We invite you to experience fresh local products in a relaxed atmosphere,  bookings are recommended!

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Customers reviews

Excellent place where to eat in valletta. Very small place but with a high attention to the quality of their ingredients. I still can’t forget the gnocchi with porcini mushrooms I had more than one year ago, when I first ate here!! I always had only awesome meals here, never disappointed. Keep up the good work, I’m looking forward to come back to visit you again asap!!
Gorgeous location, great service and, above all, excellent food made with great quality ingredients. The homemade pasta was delicious! I'll definitely be going back. Thank you 🙂
Come spesso ci accade abbiamo scelto questo ristorante per l'odore che usciva dalla cucina: profumo di materie prime genuine e di olio di qualità. Ed è stata una vera sorpresa: ci siamo tornati per tre giorni di segiuto! Menù corto ma eccezionale: ogni proposta un centro assoluto. Cosa consigliare? La delicata pasta all'uovo con il sugo di spigola o le perfette fettuccine all'astice? La freschissima insalata di polipo o l'incredibile ombrina con le cime rapa e la nduia (un miracolo di equilibrio quest'ultima)? Servizio cordialissimo ed attento, conto corretto. Grazie Pablo ci rivedremo sicuramente.

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